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Jul 2013


The world has a funny way of evolving – to the point we’re coming full circle. The last few decades have been dedicated to developing new technology especially when it comes to cameras and filming. Colour was one of the inventions that defined a big step in that process, it got more and more refined until the point where for some it become over done. The longing for nostalgic times started to drive a push for “vintage” looks and feel to photos. Polaroids came back into foray and you could pick from a multitude of apps for your smart phone. Filming was much the same, Super 8 became more predominate at least in sections and people used the latest in technology in HD cameras and computers to create the throw-back looks in post production. The Black and White edits combine the different worlds seamlessly and give us something progressive whilst at the same time the feel that comes from Black and White.


The final instalment of Skateboarding in India is now online. The three part series covers the concept, construction and thoughts around the team behind Bangalore, India’s first free skate-park. It is something being from New Zealand that we take so much for granted that we have so many skate-parks free to use for all. I am a big fan of the DIY concept behind creating this park and the fact that the builders worked closely with locals so that it can be carried forward, Teach a man to fish and all that. Click through for the previous episodes.



Daughter the movie is out now. The new experimental surf flick is shot entirely on Super 8 and 16mm filmed in locations ranging from New Jersey to Japan to Mexico. With an eclectic mix of surfers and styles it’s must to add to your collection. You can find details on how to purchase the movie at Daughter The Movie


Sometimes a single clip in a video is enough, and whilst this video is loaded with good clips, Matt Roe’s tire slide is the standout for me. Maple Street session from the guys at HideOut BMX.


This video is not new, it was released online in 2009. I stumbled across it again whilst cruising from song to song on YouTube and it is most definitely worth a re-visit. Filmed at the Edge Day festival in their home state of Massachusetts the video captures the energy and passion that made Have Heart a massive influence in the hardcore scene. Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 9.51.10 PM

Austyn Gillette becomes the focus of  What Youth’s series Fairly Normal this time around. Here’s the lowdown from What Youth. Click the image to view the episode. “He was almost a hockey player. “I played a lot of ice hockey growing up actually. Then my brother and I got skateboards…


The Fragile Sticker Exhibition went down recently at the Vice Magazine offices in Auckland. It was a project between Wellington based photographer Jake Mein and (recent again) Auckland resident Mark Barber. The exhibition featured predominately skate photography with an emphasis on “behind the scenes” and candid photos. The event was captured by Haimona Ngata so if you missed it take a peep.

The Lost Boys Collective

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