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The Lost Boys Collective

Lost Boys Collective:

Sep 2013


France, the land of fine wine, baguettes, cheese, fashion, art, history, culture and throughout the south of France good waves and beautiful women. It’s no wonder the people from What Youth got together a crew and headed over to experience everything that France has to offer. This Is Us France captures that trip with staring roles from Dion Agius, Noa Deane, Wade Goodall & Brendon Gibbons directed by  Kai Neville


While any snow that you may have been able to scrape together in the streets in these parts of the world has long gone, Burton drops it’s second video in it’s four part series. This time it’s ‘STREET’ with riders Jeremy Jones, Zak Hale, Mark Sollors, and Ethan Deiss hitting everything imaginable in cities around the world. If this gets you over-hyped the mountain has given us one last sprinkling for you to get you shred on.


The ‘Keep It Local’ tour heads to Calgary this time with a New Zealand twist. Hamilton rider Jono Hopping joins Simone Barraco, Lahsaan Kobza and Trey Jones. The city delivers with some seriously good looking spots and with over seven minutes of footage retained for the dvd there is going to be some hammers to come.


We have now emerged from the black hole that is Las Vegas and will resume our regular programming. Las Vegas is both an incredible place to visit and one of the worst places to visit at the same time. Luckily we were there to see InterBike and spent most of…


When your last video was ‘Stay Gold’ you have set yourself a high bar. MADE delivers and more, with four parts Provost, Romero, Westgate and and opening section from new am Leabres, Chapter One is hands down one of the best videos to come out in a long time. Speed…


In the age of everything going to digital it’s admirable when people strive to push the boundaries and take the quality of print into a new realm. The people behind What Youth have continued to do that with each issue and Five promises to deliver again. Press the LINK to see some snippets of what to expect along with the video below to sweeten the taste.


The fruits from summer in the top half of the globe are ripening and ready to indulge in, this time from the folks at Captain Fin Co. Kook tour has all the regular crew of the Captain Fin movies along with some fresh faces and looks to feature a wider range of boards than last summer’s Be Cool Man. A little skating and plenty of antics it will be sure to get you hyped on having fun in the sun.


Focalpoint BMX have dropped the first mix tape in their web series “Into The City”. We dropped the trailer a little while back and have been anticipating this release and it does not disappoint. The riding is solid but what sets it apart is the filming, editing and post production work that gives the video a clean polished look but maintains the vibe you would associate with a street mixtape. Looking forward to volume two already.

The Lost Boys Collective

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