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The Lost Boys Collective

Lost Boys Collective:

Nov 2013


This video is as much about having a direction and following your passion  in life as it is about the blades. It’s a view into the world of Murray Carter who was born in Canada, travelled to Japan for Karate and wound up being the only non-japanese apprentice in 16 generations of Yoshimoto blade smiths.


Mark Choiniere takes good photos. That’s all you really need to know, oh and he puts them up on his website Crude Behaviour which is also good, because it has lots of his photos. If you are the kind of person who needs a little more, well here’s a few…


The second part of Fly Bikes Coastin series sees the team continue along the coast with their pallets turning ordinary surroundings into functioning spots. Here’s the full run down from Fly to get you up to speed.

“With a little throwback to its roots and the Flybikes “Uno” video of a few years ago, and with interests outside of just riding bikes ranging from skating to surfing, the Fly crew’s DIY approach and guidance of semi local Ruben headed up along the Northern Coast of Spain bringing it’s own makeshift, versatile and sometimes maybe a little sketchy pallet inspired ramps to create something “more” than was really out there originally, on some of the most unique and scenic locations in the world, making “almost spots” into some of the most amazing and rideable spots ever! Enjoy the ride with the Flybikes family. Ruben, Sergio, Devon, Stefan, Kevin, Chris, Roey and Courage in Flybikes “Coastin”. Video filmed, directed and produced by Lee Turner and Flybikes.”



What do you get when you combine some almost ride-able spots, one of the most creative riding teams in bmx and some cleverly created plywood features? The answer Fly Bikes ‘Coastin’. In part one they head to the north coast of Spain where they set out to add the last element into a bunch of places that would otherwise not get to be ridden this way. Part two is set to drop November 27th.


It’s an odd feeling to use a hashtag as the title for a post, not too unlike some of the odd feelings some may experience towards a certain Dylan Rieder. Don’t worry, it’s perfectly natural, his skating is that good. Part one of the HUF Euro Stoops Tour covers just that the first section of their trip. Filled with a mix of demo footage, an abundance of good spots and some really good skating from one of the hottest teams out.


The newest video to come out from BSD ‘In the Streets of Moscow’ is all that you would expect from BSD. That’s a good thing, with an amazing team and their riders ability to put down some of the most tech lines as well as some big hits the six minutes of the the video will blast by.

The Lost Boys Collective

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