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Lost Boys Collective:

Nov 2013


It’s always a different feeling when you travel to places with the purpose of doing rather than just a tourist. You see sides of the city and interact with people in a way you never would sight seeing. A few of the team from Fallen headed to Thailand, a place famous for being a holiday destination but not often thought of for skating. Full of good skating and  spots, some less than favourable confrontations and amazing scenery ‘Road Less Traveled’ gives you a view of a different side to Thailand.


I had no preconceptions about this video when I came across it, which, was just as well as I would never have guessed the storyline. I’ll keep this short but I will say it involves a balaclava, shuv-its, tattoos and a switchblade. Keep an open mind.

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 7.02.33 PM

The Blues Compilation comes from one of those nights lost in the zone. The result of a 2am session on the back of putting together Volume 2, the blues compilation delves deeper into one of the most captivating genres of music. So pour a glass, turn the lights down low…


The work of Tyge Landa ‘Beneath’ puts together bodyboarders Ben Player Jake Stone Glen Thurston Nick Gornall Amaury Lavernhe Tom Smith and Dallas Singer in a refreshing perspective. The film is really well shot, with a good music score and a shit load of time and effort in the editing bay. You can take an in-depth look into the idea behind the project as well as purchase the film for download at an exceptionally good price by clicking here – BENEATH THE FILM


Ad, promotional video, call it what you will but companies are producing some really good projects to launch new products. This time it’s a collaboration between Portland companies Poler and Nike featuring Alex Olson. From skating through the streets of New York to camping and exploratory adventures in the beautiful country of Iceland, this high energy clip definitely lights up the camp vibes and makes you want to get out and enjoy your surroundings. Oh yeah, and the new collection is killer and you can check it out HERE.

Waves Spread

Yeah Dude looks like a wild time! Lucky for us it should be hitting news-stands next week – free with Issue 262 of Waves Magazine. It follows Creed McTaggart, a favourite here at Lost Boys, on a campervan trip through California together with a crew made up of Andrew Doheny, Thom…

The Lost Boys Collective

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