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Jan 2014

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Ruben Alcantara one of the the most recognised names in BMX was given the opportunity to design his own skatepark in his native Spain. The concept the was to create a skatepark with lots of lines created by big hips, banks, quarters and a capsule with a nod to waves…


Last week the Queen of the Coast, Rincon was firing. With back to back days of perfect swell it was the place to be and a who’s who in the line up. Amongst those was Conner Coffin and who with his style, power and finesse took advantage of one of the longest rights on the California coast.


All new spring time vibes from Stance socks for the release of their new collection. Lots of new styles and colour ways for everyone be sure to check out your favourite pair on the Stance site.


This Introspect takes us to the beautiful pacific northwest with Hana Beaman. After years spent riding in competition Hana has joined a small group of female riders who are making a career out of riding the back country.

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Myles Brock comes through with an eclectic mix curated by DJ Vincent Hanna. To see more of Myles’ brain in action check out Sons of the North on the side banner. Myles Brock guest selection for LostBoysRadio by Lostboysradio on Mixcloud


Put out initially to celebrate Slam City Skateshops 25yrs, City of Rats is an all London skate video showcasing the local scene. Long Live Southbank have put out the first two parts of this video for you to enjoy wherever you may be in the world. Part three is due to be out shortly.


Cheese is good. It always adds that little bit extra to a wide variety of foods. Even if you don’t get down with animal cheese,  Soy cheese is still an overpriced way to give those nachos another flavour level. Anyway, Noa Deane adds some extra flavour and depth to his new video ‘Cheese’.  Click the link to check out Noa’s website ilovetables

Edited: Video is now available to watch on Lost Boys.


Two things stood out whilst watching this latest instalment to the Vans Introspect series. The first being the chair ride up at Mt Hood over mostly dirt and trees to go do some laps. The second being Darrell enthusiasm and excitement for snowboarding and filming after many years spent doing both. It’s always inspiring to hear and watch people who have a true passion for what they are doing.

The Lost Boys Collective

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