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Lost Boys Collective:

Jan 2014


So excited about this track! Brand new from Architects UK, Naysayers is the first single off their upcoming release ‘Lost Forever // Lost Together’ out in March. This track is available for purchase through iTunes now.

The messengers all found knives in their backs // I know it haunts you, it haunts me too // We’re all on our own, we can’t decide what’s true // Why are we fighting, when I’m just like you?

Can’t wait to hear how the rest of the album unfolds and the possibility of a New Zealand tour!


The Spring issue of Manual Magazine #51 featured the Stem Distribution skate team as they toured New Zealand’s North Island in search of some lesser know skate spots. They have now brought the pages to life in this new edit on what looked to be a hella fun trip.


… It’s the after party! VG Snow are keeping the goodtimes going and have dropped this gem with eighteen minutes of b-sides, second angles and all things rad from the filming of “The Last Ones”. Which if you haven’t seen you can purchase HERE. It’s got all your favourite people doing all your favourite things. Keep the good times flowing!


At the end of November Nike BMX riders Simone Barraco, Alex Kennedy and Joris Coulomb headed to Portugal to explore the possibilities. With lots of footage focusing on trip life, sites and super good riding make this an awesome edit to get you stoked on riding and the way you get to explore foreign cities.


Muckmouth Magazine sits down with legendary skateboarder Steve Olson. They talk style, Nike, art, the industry, stories all delivered in that Steve Olson style.


John John continues to make his mark on the surfing world about every possible way you can. France provides the playground for Enjoy with lots of footage through the streets and sites mixed in with high class surfing.


As far as web releases go BSD had a massive year. Between the tour videos and rider edits they left their mark on what was a big year for BMX all round. Best of the City puts some of the standout clips into a neat little package combined with some extra clips for good merit. I don’t feel for the person making the calls on what clips made it into this.


Last year was a turbulent time for sponsorship changes. There were countless people being dropped, leaving old sponsors, starting new companies and rumours flying for just about everything in-between. After some big changes at Alien Workshop one rumour was that Grant Taylor would be leaving for the eagle and on the first day of the new year it came true. Grant Taylor on Anti Hero and to announce this to the world three and a bit minutes of amazing skating.

The Lost Boys Collective

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