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The Lost Boys Collective

Lost Boys Collective:

Mar 2014


Mixing a blend of still photography and skating this video features the works of Jerome Campbell put together by renowned filmmaker Phil Evans.


Whilst something that is common in surf, skate and snow,  AM videos haven’t really ever existed in BMX. Cult set about to change that with their new movie ‘Small Talk’ , which is made up entirely of their AM team. The riding is really good so don’t be put of by the non-pro status. Anyway, in true amateur style,  after the videos release, one of the riders had now found himself on the PRO team.  You can purchase the movie for a very fair price on their website.


Just in time for the last of the daylight evenings and warm summer weather, Focalpoint graces us with Into the City Volume Two. Think of it as inspiration for exploring all a city has to offer under the cover of the the winter darkness. If you missed Volume One you can check it out HERE.


Quartersnacks interviewed filmer William Strobeck about the forthcoming Supreme video ‘Cherry’. It’s one of the most talked about and anticipated skate videos in a while and has the internet (or comment sections) in a whirlwind of for’s and against and a whole lot of speculation. So it makes sense to…

The Lost Boys Collective

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