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The Lost Boys Collective

Lost Boys Collective:

May 2014


For their upcoming collection Moreporks headed to Woodhill Forest, New Zealand. A unique area perfect for exploration, adventure and enjoying nature, whether it’s in the forest, the sand dunes, or the ocean. Woodhill 14 will be released shortly and is available at selected stores around the world.


Mexico is a destination that a lot of people would put on their ‘Someplace Else’ list. If it’s not then this new video is likely to do it. With a blend of skating, surfing, music, art and loads of sunshine Mexico looks like the place to be.


Hailing from Ventura California, Iron and Resin bring together the elements from their hometown to create a brand they can be proud of. With a focus on the details and production in house it gives them the freedom to create items of purpose and meaning in a world of fast fashion and disposable items.


Le Boogie has made the foray from magazines into movies with it’s first release ‘Passing Through’. Shot all over the world in Brazil, Japan, NZ, Java, Portugal, Tahiti and around Oz and features a killer line up with the likes of Nick Gornall, Tom Rigby, Jake Stone plus many more. Available now through their website or iTunes. Dead Sleds!


We draw inspiration from all sorts in life. From the environment around you, people you meet, places you go, books you read, activities you partake in. The variety makes the options endless in both the source of inspiration and where it can lead. Jerome Campbell shares his thoughts and inspirations that lead him to his chosen path in life and where it may lead.


Covering skateboarding, high profile basketball athletes, fashion and more Atiba has come a long way from his beginnings in a small town of Colorado. Now based in LA he talks about what it was like to grow up in that area and what he attributes to his successful career as a filmed/photographer.


Most people when thinking of running a brand would think to move from Atlanta to New York, not the other way around. CX City as part of their Creative Minds – Creative Spaces series spoke with Well Fed owner on his brand, process and his move from New York back…

The Lost Boys Collective

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