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Jul 2014

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Pizza, Nachoes, Chilli Fries, on crackers, with wine, or surfing. Cheese is legit and so is Noa Deane’s Cheese Part Two. So kick back, make a snack and get your mind blown. VIEW.


A collection of artists including the likes of Weirdo Dave, Neckface, and Leo Fitzpatrick put on a show in Sydney last month ‘What Are You Doing After This?’. The three mentioned above take you on a walkthrough to show you some of the works and a little behind the scenes of the show.


Winter is now getting in full effect finally with a good round of cold weather. Let Ryan Tarbell and ODB make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


To quote Noa Deane;

The shit swept up off our floors. It’s a home for any odd clips. Raw or fast. Worth using, but haven’t made the cut in other projects. Basically it’s our leftovers!

What really constitutes a throw away clip? The chances are if you have seen it put into an edit it’s not really been thrown away.  B-sides, throwaways, leftovers, whatever you like to call them are a great addition to what we get to watch.  There is a looseness that comes with these types of edits. The pressure from it being an A release is gone so the editing style changes, the music changes and a lot of the time they seem to have more energy.



This may not be your dream but I bet it’s somebodies and must have been high on Luke’s list. Luke Davis catching tubes around the globe put together by the people from Vacation club.


This latest mixtape-promo-video-very rare exclusive from Bronze 56k features skateboarding throughout New York city over the last few months. If you missed there first one ‘Solo Jazz’, which I’m sure you didn’t you take a look here.


Nestled amongst mountains in Bolivia, La Paz is now home to an incredible two thousand square metre skatepark. The team behind the successful build in Bangalore, India, Endless Projects got together over a hundred builders from around the world for the ‘Builders Jam’. The result is a free flowing, free form skatepark with nearly every feature you could imagine. Familiar faces Al Partanen and Chet Childress join other pros Josh Matthews, Marius Syvanen, David Gravette, and Joey Pepper, to live and create in La Paz.

The Lost Boys Collective

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