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The Lost Boys Collective

Lost Boys Collective:

Jul 2014



Shot in the streets of New Zealand, Australia and parts of the UK and featuring a predominitely local crew ‘Six’ is raw skating at it’s finest.


Farang, which means ‘Foreigner’ in Thai is the story of how Andy Ricker came to be the owner of several authentic Thai restaurants in America. His journey to where he is now is probably not a common one for people now in his position. From working jobs like a house painter to playing in rocknroll and grunge bands and backpacking through Thailand, it was the latter where he found his passion. Having worked as a line cook in Colorado he set about to create authentic family style Thai dishes and bring them back to his home town of Portland. The rest you can see in the video.


Riding bikes, skateboards, travelling with friends and having a good time is what life is all about. The french crew have been doing a yearly trip for near on ten years and they definitely get it.


So we finally got some snow over most of the resorts and fingers crossed it doesn’t get washed away this week. Capita must have heard the good news and released the trailer for the upcoming sequel ‘Defenders of Awesome Two : Stay Badass’. Luckily for you it’s got an awesome cast and will get you in the right mood to go chase some of the white gold. No lines.


A seventeen minute journey into the mind of one of the greatest surfers on the planet.

An aerial, creative surf without compromise. He may even be the best thing to happen to surfing in the last decade. – Desillusion Magazine.


Sometimes you can write a lot about not much, and sometimes there’s so many things going on that you don’t want to write much.  The Fourstar trip of Australia definitely falls into the later.

The Lost Boys Collective

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