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The Lost Boys Collective

Lost Boys Collective:

Aug 2014


Two icons of the art world, photographer Glen E. Freidman and musician Ian MacKaye sit down at the original Dischord Records house to discuss Glen’s upcoming book ‘ My Rules’ . It’s rad to hear that to this day people still go and take photos on the front porch to replicate the Minor Threat cover.

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It’s been close to a year since the group of Andrew Doheny, Thom Pringle, Warren Smith, Duncan Mcnicol, Josh Sleep, Beau Foster, Metal Jimmy and Dillon Perillo dropped the “Yeah Dude” video. Released as a hard copy with Waves Magazine  they have now put it online in it’s entirety for you…


We live in a time when so many thing we use have become disposable. It’s common for products that used to have long life spans to be used only for a season or two. Sometimes it’s necessity, but it can often come from a lack of knowledge on how to keep things going or the willingness to preserve. Barkers Clothing embarked on a new project partnering with T.Whites Bikes to restore and up cycle four old road bikes.


I’ll admit I don’t know a whole lot about Kazakhstan. You hear bits on the news and there was that shitty movie a few years back, Borat, but I doubt too many Kazakh’s were pleased with that portrayal. The inquisitive mind must have been working overtime when some of the crew from Rome SDS decided to make it a destination for a snowboard trip. There is some really good snowboarding in this and nicely spliced with aspects of the culture and a little insight into the people and places that make up Kazakhstan.


To coincide with the release of the new Quartersnacks Nike SB they dropped this rad part from Bobby Worrest. Filled to the brim with New York street skating, a definite pre-skate jam.


Louif Paradis’ name wasn’t always synonymous with street snowboarding. That took work. Day after day, Louif grew up snowboarding the streets of Quebec City, focusing on simply riding his best, keeping his style on point, and riding spots that were unique and original. This dedication came from visualizing tricks it in his head and countless attempts. As a result, he’s netted a solid 13 video parts put out over the past 13 years.

Last year, TransWorld SNOWboarding awarded Louif with Video Part of the Year, while his film, Déjà vu won TransWorld SNOWboarding video of the year. Louif is well respected in the industry for his hard work and because he hasn’t bought into any bullshit trends. He has let his snowboarding do the talking.

Louif’s not loud, flashy, obnoxious or gaudy. He’s soft-spoken, meticulous, inspired by his friends, and interested in improving his life and his riding. And that is why adidas Snowboarding is please to Welcome: Louif

Louif has been announced as part of the expanding Adidas snowboard team. Looking forward to seeing what comes out of this new relationship.

Baxter chillin

We took a holiday. Sorry it’s been slow but we’ll have some imagery from our trip next week and back to our regular scheduled programming from tonight.


Pamatatau Davies shreds. In this clip he shreds from Indo to Australia. Sort of a welcome clip, Pama has now been officially put onto the Hayden Shapes team and with his electric style and mix of tricks it’s not hard to see why.

The Lost Boys Collective

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