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The Lost Boys Collective

Lost Boys Collective:

Aug 2014


We’re always searching for the new spot. Wether it’s to ride your bike, skate, a place to eat, vacation, whatever, it’s always good to find that new place. Somewhere you’ve never been or if you’re lucky enough no one has been. Find Snowboarding is based off that premise. To search out places around the globe where snowboarding hasn’t been shown or is rarely done or seen. Presented by Rome SDS and featuring riders LNP, Will Lavigne, Stale Sandbech, Ozzy Henning and more the video will be released in three sections. The first, Kazakhstan towards will be 23/8.


Matty Matheson is back! Star of the now infamous ‘How to Make Cheesy Burgers‘ Matty has teamed up with Munchies to bring you this latest culinary delight. ‘How to Make the Best Pancakes You’ve Ever Had’ is a modest instructional video of the ins and outs of this delicious nutritious meal.


Now this is an exciting partnership. Cutting edge surfboard maker Hayden Shapes works with renowned fashion designer Alexander Wang to create five unique surfboards for his Soho flagship store. The marble boards, typical for Wang’s aesthetic, are suspended from the cage wall, while a monolithic, large black wave sculpted from…


Basement Dreams is the title of Zac Marben’s new EP. You might recognise that name from such movies as “The Last Ones, Shoot the Moon, Volcom’s “IP2″ or more recently his Vans Introspect. Featuring five tracks all played and recorded by Zac himself it’s a short album that you’ll have on loop for a long time. You can purchase the album HERE and check out a single Nightingale Tea.


Part One of a new video series presented by Nixon ‘ What I See’ is snowboarder and team rider David Bertschinger Karg’s foray into short films. Better known for his work in front of the lens this new project shows the sights and surrounds as DBK travels the globe in search of snow. The first segment features Seattle.

The Lost Boys Collective

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