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The Lost Boys Collective

Lost Boys Collective:

Sep 2014


Known worldwide as vocalist for Australian band Parkway Drive, Winston McCall talks about his other passion, the Ocean. Growing up in Byron Bay on the east coast of Australia with a passion for bodyboarding, the ocean is a place where the worlds of music and surfing can both intertwine, and be completely apart.


Located on the western most tip of Alaska the Aleutians are a remote area very rarely seen by many tourists. A small collection of islands, they offer up some incredibly beautiful scenery and the chance to explore something unridden. That is if you can catch a break from the erratic weather. Three riders from Rome continue their search to Find Snowboarding in the second video of the series.


‘The saviour of skateboarding’ was a comment I read after watching this video. Directed towards Pontus Alv, his vision with his brand Polar has provided a refreshing change to some of the emerging aspects of skateboarding. Manhattan Days sees Pontus and crew exploring what the city has to offer with a shopping cart full of additions.


There is a high chance that the crew from Remote didn’t hit the spots that were on your travel list. Covering over nine thousand miles over 21 states, the thirty-six day tour saw them searching and riding everything from ditches on the side of the road to Wakeskate tour stops.


The streets of Sapporo and powder runs of Hokkaido, Japan set the start of Adidas Snowboardings new three part series. This exceptionally well put together video will either create longings for the Winter just passing or excitement for the impending season. Adidas has been producing a heavy amount of content as part of their foray into snow so be sure to check out in depth videos behind the new team.


Boasting some of the most incredible scenery from old growth forests, mountain peaks and crystal clears waters, Oregon is always a favourite of those craving time in the outdoors. It also happens to have a vast selection of concrete skateparks. Hoping to get as much from both as they could the Vans BMX team set out into the Oregon wilderness.


Take the Coffin brothers, Jay Davies and Yadin Nicol, throw them in Indonesia and you have everything you need to get the fires started. Wildfire, available now to burn through those chilly nights.


When you can have eighteen hours of sunlight in a single day, summer nights can be a wonderful thing. HUF Norway skaters Henrik Lund and Eirik Ballo make the most of it in this fun montage put together by Kristoffer Kumar.

The Lost Boys Collective

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