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Sep 2014

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Go inside the inner workings of Dejavu as they embark on their upcoming project in this exclusive documentary style video for Snowboarder magazine. Se just what it takes to make the cut when filming over a two year time frame. It might even involve taking on a car. VIEW HERE.


The problem with heading to locations not normally associate with surfing and skating is that you run the risk of not getting much of either done. You can spend months analysing the perfect time to try and optimise your chances but there is something to be said for just going. A few loose plans, a sense of adventure, good friends and making the most of what you can find. Team Average three is just that, a mini bus with some of the best skaters and surfers in the world seeing what they can find in Sri Lanka. Keep the fires burning.


Off the back of the UK Summer the Palace crew present ‘Endless Bummer’. Sections from all the crew and chopped up in that Palace style.


Renowned artist Raymond Pettibon sits down with Supreme prior to the release of the collaborative capsule.

People ask me all the time, often, How do you make it in Art? I say in my case, you’re asking the wrong person – R.P


Dakota Roche has a new frame dropping this Spring – Fall depending on where you are in the world. If you took the quality of the riding in this video as a reflection of his feelings about the new frame then you should be buying the frame right now.


Trying to write a description for anything William Strobeck does is always tricky. So I won’t. Includes ‘Cherry’ stars and features skateboarding. Take a Joyride Sex Kitten. Mwah.


It seems hard to paint Alaska in a negative light. The incredible landscape that makes up the northern most state provides endless inspiration, and draws some of the deepest emotions of the human spirit. In this final piece from the What I See series, David Bertschinger Karg takes you on a visual journey from his recent time in Alaska.

Everything people get to see in the snowboard media are the tricks we land, how we strap in and the high fives along the way. This is a small part of why I live this life, it’s a lifestyle which brings so much more with it: seeing places I would probably not come across if it wasn’t for snowboarding, getting to know people with lifestyles I didn’t even know existed and experiencing freedom in so many different ways is a big part of why I do this. The “What I See” series is a visual passage to places I’ve visited last season. When I look back on my trips I don’t only remember tricks and powder prays, but people, moments and atmospheres I’ve experienced. It’s those details which make a journey stick.


September seventeenth will forever be know as the day Team Average Sri Lanka dropped, and rightly so. Putting together a ‘team’ of skaters and surfers comprising of Craig Anderson, Dion Agius, Dylan Rieder, Andrew Allen and Steph Gilmore alongside filmer Mike Piscitelli they get lost in the exotic location of Sri Lanka. Today marks the release of the trailer and an online accompanying article, but the real gem is a full length video on September 17th to coincide with the print article in Monster Children Volume 44. It might even earn a day off.

The Lost Boys Collective

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