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The Lost Boys Collective

Lost Boys Collective:

Oct 2014


There are a number of ways this How-to donuts episode could be the scariest thing you see this Halloween. From the host, to the leather, to the amount of sugar or the bondage inspired human platter. You can guarantee one thing though, with Matty Matheson at the helm it’s going to be hilarious and the donuts will be delicious. That’s actually two things, even the mathematics in this post is scary.



The crew from Howl Supply dropped this all new edit with the full team in effect to launch their 2014 season. Chopped up with fresh clips and bits from MAYDAY (Which if you don’t have you should GET) this will see you into style right now or in the months to come.

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Hayden Scott is one of those people who just handles business. Build a woodshed, check. Work on his motorbikes, check. Raise two incredible kids and be an awesome husband, check. Oh you want some killer artwork for your space? Yup, Hayden can take care of that too. This is all on top of his day job…


The Oceans and Mountain hold a majestic quality. A powerful reminder that we are such small beings just partaking in the world we live in. Mother natures ability to be so beautiful and so destructive is often shown by these two opposites. Perhaps it’s this force that attracts us to finding ways of enjoying, experiencing and harnessing a portion of this power. Pipeline master Gerry Lopez and snowsurf pioneer Taro Tamai share their experiences and thoughts on a life spent pursing these elements.


Kevin Kalkoff brings his riding finesse to Subrosa and Shadow Conspiracy in France as part of the companies revamp and new direction in the country. Kevin’s style, trick selection and views on riding aligned perfectly with new vision.


Travelling is a huge part of our lifestyle. It’s part of the attraction that draws us towards the activities we pursue. The idea of hoping on a plane, loading up a car, getting on a boat and heading off to explore. Whether it’s your city, state, country or abroad being away from home always has the extra sense of adventure the the excitement of the unknown.


Chase Hawk in ten minutes of everything you want to see in an edit. Motivation for the good times and warmer weather ahead. Featuring bmx, camping, fires, picturesque scenery and acid rock.

The Lost Boys Collective

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