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The Lost Boys Collective

Lost Boys Collective:

Nov 2014


Sunny skies, smooth bowls and the creative prowess of the Fly Bikes crew. Verao Portugal gives inspiration for all that summer can bring and the good times to be had with bikes and friends.

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In all it’s HD glory, Anit Hero Skateboards presents ‘Destination Unknown’. Twenty seven minutes of some of the most badass people to set foot on a skateboard.


Brixton surfers Troy Elmore,  Oliver Kurtz, Skip McCullough, Tanner Rozunko journey to the East Coast of America, chasing waves in Rhode Island, Jersey Shore and New York. Lots of good surfing, good music and no sign of that girl from the tv show.


Head out on the Adriatic sea and back onto land in some of the oldest cities in the world with Donovan Piscopo, Daryl Angel, and Wieger Van Wageningen as they explore Croatia. To coincide with the release of their latest partnership Nike SB and Poler Stuff take you on a journey full of beautiful scenery, crystal clear waters and of course plenty of skateboarding. After all the edits lately it might be time to book some flights.


On the cusp of a possible sixth, yes sixth world title Morgan Maassen follows Stephanie Gilmore through the France this past October. It’s always a pleasure to watch Stephanie outside of the event format, so once your done here, be sure to refresh on some more recent gems.


The Nomad series concludes on one of the most iconic yet unknown trains in the world, the TransSiberian. It seems this year more than ever people are leaving the comfort of well known, well tested locations and heading out to explore new territories in the pursuit of snowboarding. Starring the likes of Keegan Valaika, Forest Bailey, Artem Smolin, Alex Tank with Jonas Michilot along for the ride, they get wild in one the most remote regions of Russia.


Asia is becoming more and more common as a travel destination for skate travel. As an area it’s easy to get between countries once there, the local travel, accommodation and food takes far less of a hit on the tour budget and there is a massive variety of spots with new ones coming up all the time due to the amount of construction going on in the areas. A few of the HUF team go exploring for new stoops in Thailand, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea. Post up.

The Lost Boys Collective

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