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Dec 2014

July 2013 (9 of 16)

  Twenty fourteen has been great year for us and we hope for you. We had a lot of fun putting together Lost Boys Radio mixes, taking photo’s, helping with charity projects and of course bringing you all sorts of content from around the world. Next year we hope to…


We round out the year with this killer video featuring a bunch of the Nike Wakeskate team. It’s the perfect inspiration to get out and enjoy your summer break, campfires, friends, camping, wake skating and hitting the road. Sounds like a good idea to us.


The final videos is this years wrap up. The second part of this list is a very mixed bag, from an artists series to cheesy burgers there was something out there for everyone this year. By request we are throwing in an extra video to the top ten. So kick…


It’s a wrap! We have finished up the first annual ‘A Very Skateboard Christmas’. This year 50 skateboards, along with shoes, clothes, stickers and other small items were handed over to Barnardos New Zealand who will be handing them out to kids in need this Christmas. It was an overwhelming…


Filmed on location in Yorkshire, Broth x Mutiny captures perfectly the raw and gritty feel that is UK street riding. All done in black and white accompanied by a great soundtrack this is a refreshing short from the Broth crew that gets you in the mood to go ride.


As one of America’s oldest train routes the trip along North America’s west coast, the Amtrak will take you from San Diego to Seattle. A trip that mimicked those early pioneers, Nick Boserio and Daryl Angel set out to discover places and spots in search of their own new frontiers.


Welcome to the land surfing in ice bergs,  of Viking heritage, of roast Puffin and Whale meat. Welcome to Iceland. An excerpt from Globe’s movie ‘Strange Rumbling in Shangri La’, Iceland proved to be a fascinating and mystical part of the two year odyssey around the world.


Lahsaan Kobza has been putting in work. In between travelling to the UK(Twice), Japan and throughout the states he’s been filming for two DVD sections, Blunted and Shadow Conspiracy. He’s put out a slew of web videos and in the spirit of Christmas he’s given us one more to round out a busy, busy year. We have a feeling this is just the start and 2015 is going to see some big things poppin.

The Lost Boys Collective

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