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Jan 2015

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Inspiration can come in all sorts of forms from watching videos. Sometimes is people pushing the absolute the absolute forefront of their chosen pursuit. Sometimes it’s the music. It could be the location or what’s spoken about. Sometimes it’s the familiarity that sparks an idea. Or sometimes, it’s the cover…


It’s always nice to be surprised and I have to admit that I was a little when watching this. Element’s a big brand, one that is now owned by a very large corporation so to hear the way founder Johnny Schillereff spoke about the brand it wasn’t what I was expecting. A very talented individual who with the same passion took his idea and turned it into one of the most recognised brands in skateboarding.


We can rejoice! Parks and Recreation is back on TV in New Zealand! This isn’t about that though, but if you enjoy stylish creative park riding then you’re most likely just as happy. Matt Roe and Robbo lay down some smooth lines in some Texas skateparks. Most of which are illegal to ride. Makes it that little bit sweeter, especially when flying in the face of such ridiculous laws.


The Adventure Handbook have a really good interview with Jeff Vallee, who along with Heath Kirchart set off on all sorts of adventures and document them along the way for their project ‘We’re Really Doing It’. Take a read through HERE. All photos via The Adventure Handbook site.


So you made a list at the start of the year, and on that list quite likely was travelling. But where to go? There’s so many wonderful places in the world and always a shortage of time or money, or both. You can’t trust some guy from the paper and if you see one more travel show like getaway you might end up travelling to jail. So what do you do? You watch ‘Keep It Canada’, you get to see what $4000 worth of caviar looks like, a golf tutorial from Happy Gilmore’s instructor and where to go with your mum for lunch. On top of this you get to see some beautiful New Brunswick scenery and a couple of life lesson. He’s Matty Matheson and this is Keep It Canada!


The Vans Introspect series is back and for the second episode they cover one of my favourite snowboarders, Jake Kuzyk. With a ridiculous part in last years Videograss’ ‘Mayday’, Introspect covers Jake’s main other interest, skateboarding, and talks about his 2014 release ‘Civic Affair’ along with some snowboarding of course.


However you like to get down is entirely your business. Whatever takes your fancy is entirely your business. But maybe, just maybe, this might do the same for you as it does for us.


From behind the camera and the lifestyle of New York to in the water and in front of the camera upstate in Monatuk, Mikey De Temple is an inspiring person to say the least. This new short from Stance takes you around his favourite locations when escaping the hustle of the city and in search of waves in the Northern Alantic.

The Lost Boys Collective

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