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Lost Boys Collective:

Feb 2015


This year Chris Grenier was offered a chance to compete in XGames Real Street. ‘A thought process’ documents the going’s on inside his head as he works through the process of putting together his section. Travelling to Canada, Japan and the states he goes in search of new spots and new ways to put together a truly unique video part for the competition. Took check out the finished project click here, Real Street part.


You know you’ve been productive when you have enough clips left over to put extra edits. You know it’s been a really putting in work when what’s left over is of this standard. Oldies but Goodies is a collection of clips from Shadow Conspriacy rider Jono Hopping that for one reason or another didn’t make it into his other edits. Chopped up by Ryan Chadwick the title for this really does say it all.


Over the last few years there has been a trend to get out and explore the lesser known, or lesser documented places for skateboarding. Bolivia, Afghanistan, Vietnam and India have all seen trips or projects recently. This time Namibia is the chosen destination for the Adidas Skate team, as they explore all it has to offer on and off the board.


“They rode the cool Northeast trade winds across an ocean to The Island. They ended up in the bed of a plantation-green pickup truck, with a mad tour guide behind the wheel, and thrashing palmeras blowing above them. They rode stubby fishes and sleek shortboards through lurching, spitting sapphire surf. Each guy had a story, from the gonzo writer to the gypsy traveler. It was there on The Island where these eclectic friends converged one extraordinary winter to explore these foreign waters and revel in this dreamy island life… All aboard the Palmera Express.”


Staying relevant is everything. And just like the sketchy old guy bringing the trophy wife into the family, young blood is the easy way to do it.
With all the moves to match, Vans welcomes Dillon Ojo, Dan Liedahl, Sam Taxwood and Mike Ravelson to the snow family.


Mac ‘n’ Cheese is one the ultimate comfort foods, or cold winters night, or late night drinking snack, or movie night, just about anything really. There’s loads of variations and there’s been plenty of high end twists to a basic dish. Matty Matheson shares his version, complete with a blended cheeto top with instructions delivered from the bath tub. So if you needed any more reasons to eat it, here’s another one.


Spanning five years from 2005 – 2010 Pontus Alv of Polar Skate Co filmed and edited this hour long conceptual project. And now thanks the endless giving of the internet it can now be viewed right here.


Longevity in BMX is a relatively new concept. In much the same as skate it’s only been the a section of the last generation and more so the current one that has seen more and more riders staying on there bike longer. As bmx has established itself and it has meant that hanging the bike up in the shed and talking about how you ‘used to ride’ is becoming less and less of a thing. French man Gervais Rousseau paints a great perspective on a lifetime spent on the bike as he heads into his mid forties. For a lot of us, it’s people like Gervais that make it easier to fight away the forces that try and slow us down. ‘Cause really, what the hell else are we going to do.

The Lost Boys Collective

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