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Lost Boys Collective:

Mar 2015

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Following the release of ‘Cluster’ earlier this month, the good people at What Youth have been releasing behind the scenes videos from left over footage. When filming for a project that long you know you’re going to end up with a lot of ‘almosts’, ‘that’s cool’s’, and ‘this will be…


Almost two years since the last mix tapes, ‘The Package’ sees the return of the FocalpointBMx crew’s video. Comprised of nearly all Australian riders on their home soil, The Package, is street riding at its finest.


More New Zealand skate goodness this week courtesy of Element NZ. Hitting the road throughout the North Island to ‘evaluate’ the realities of camping. Not sure how the camping worked out but the spots they hit up looked well worth it.


Weaotea features an all New Zealand cast and is based around Auckland’s iconic Aotea square, well the new one anyway. Solid plaza skating mixed in with lots of raw street footage, plus the first song is DMX. Press play.


Vietnam is an incredible country. From the people, culture, food and architecture it’s a country steeped in history and has seen more wars than any country should have to endure. It’s a place that you could explore over and over again with the regional differences.

Subrosa Brand rider Hoang Tran, who was born in Vietnam ventures back with french rider Jorus Coulomb to travel the country side to ride and experience some of what Vietnam has to offer.


It’s been one year on since Supreme released their first full length skate video “Cherry”. Arguably the best video in recent years and with a definite nod to the videos of the nineties but an up to date way. Vice’s Chris Nieratko interviewed William Strobeck on the anniversary to hear…


Almost serves a roll call of sorts, ‘Generation Breakdown’ gives you a little piece on all the people making up the Cycle Zombies. With a mix of surfing, skating, van culture and motorbikes, the Stopnik’s have the Southern California lifestyle down to an art. Take a trip with the family you’d like to spend your holidays with.


“Trips are an adventure and with a group of guys like this, it’s guaranteed fun. Sergio Layos, Stefan Lantschner and Matt Roe headed Malta, a small Island in the middle of the Mediterranean sea with warm weather, old architecture and good food for a few days of spots and sights!

The riding spots were limited, but the natural trannies of Gozo were well worth the travel and there was endless good times that were had.

Thanks to Malta BMX for all the hospitality and good times.” – Hugo Almeida

Take a look through the Fly Bikes microsite for a full gallery along with free downloads.


The Lost Boys Collective

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