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Lost Boys Collective:

May 2015


Is it the start of winter? Will the snow stay? With the weather over the past week bringing snow to most parts of New Zealand the anticipation of having a decent season is building. So in great timing to add to the winter warmth building inside Videograss have premiered this northern hemisphere season wrap up from Justin Mulford and Anthony Mazzotti. Loads of raw street and some fun park laps.



Sometimes two things are better than one, which is the case in this video. Chase Hawk flowing around skateparks is good, doing it alongside Tom Dugan is better. In what is definitely in the running for web video title of the year, ‘Texting Is My Cardio’ features the aforementioned people riders cruising spots around Austin. Enjoy!



In memory of Randy Taylor who passed just a couple years back, Walter Pieringer put together this incredible montage of Randy’s clips along with some words to go with. To coincide with this release Mutiny Bikes have re-issued Randy’s signature parts with all profits going to a suicide charity.



Over the last few years China, and more specifically Shenzhen has become a go-to destination for some of the biggest names and teams in skateboarding. With it’s constant expansion and ongoing construction there are more and more places to skate popping up all the time. The biggest difference compared to…

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 3.49.59 pm

It’s been 20 years since Larry Clark released his first movie ‘KIDS’, the now Iconic cult movie on the lives of teenagers in New York. A first of it’s kind movie, shot in a documentary-esque style captivated teens around the world with it’s relatable characters and  rawness. The cast was a…

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 6.11.31 pm

The Faroe Islands, definitely not the typical location for a surf trip. Tyler Warren, Sam Hammer, Dane Gudauskas set out to explore this remote set of islands located halfway between Norway and Iceland in search of waves and whatever else they might uncover in such a place. Take a look…


The gold rush might well and truly be over but the flow of people to  Southern California still hasn’t changed. Whether your trying to make it as an actor, searching for the climate that allows you to be outdoors nearly all  year round or just a bigger scene than your local area, it still has that magnetic attraction.
Don “Nuge” Nguyen made the migration from his hometown of Oklahoma City to Los Angeles in search of a better skate scene and more opportunities.



In a few short years Saint Archer Brewing has achieved the type of success that most companies dream about. A collective of owners made up of some of the worlds top skaters, surfers and snowboarders Saint Archer was the first foray into beer for everyone involved. The Path Unseen documents the story of how the brand came about to where they are now.


The Lost Boys Collective

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