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The Lost Boys Collective

Lost Boys Collective:

May 2015


Nearly all of us come in to contact or use plastics in some way everyday, and while they make our lives way, way easier it comes at a cost. Aside from the occasional ramp up of people telling us not to use plastic bags not a lot of thought goes into the long term effects of the amount that goes to waste. Plastic doesn’t really break down the way the metal, paper, wood etc does so whilst some gets recycled the rest tends to make it’s way to the ocean. So much so that there exists ‘garbage patches’ miles and miles out to sea, there is even ‘garbage island’ a huge mass of plastics and debris that has built up from the flow of ocean currents.
‘Plastic Age’ talks with numerous people from scientists to musicians and fashion designers about solutions for turning this waste back into something usable. Using bionic yarn a collective of people are starting to make some of our favourite fashion staples, like jeans from ocean waste.



Growing up in the small village of Punta De Lobos, Chile, Ramón Navarro grew up from humble beginnings to become one of the top big wave surfers in the world. A Fisherman’s Son documents the story of how Ramon found his love of the ocean passed by down from his father and grandfather. His first travels overseas and the wave that launched him into the international spotlight.

The story also brings to light the work that Ramón along with Save The Waves are doing to protect Punta De Lobos from heavy construction and the danger of losing one of the most spectacular pieces of coast in the world.


The Lost Boys Collective

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