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Lost Boys Collective:

Jun 2015

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John John in the highest of definitions. This is a watch on your TV or at the very least a decent computer screen. Save your ride home staring at your phone screen for something else. Shot in Hawaii and narrated by a younger John John with incredible angles and seamlessly…


Long gong are the days when a simple photo is enough to promote a new product. Photo’s will always have their place and and certain mediums but the era of videos have well and truly taken over. At nearly three minutes long Simone Barraco’s ‘promo’ for the the release of his third signature frame is basically a solo section, a solo section with an ad at the end. Which when you think about it, and along with all the other types of these videos is a pretty heavy position to be in. We are grateful though. So thanks Simone, for blessing us with your technical wizardry and showing why this is the third but certainly not the last.



Tattoo’s have become such a commonplace that you can sometimes forget that they have come from such a long and varied history. Japanese tattooing has always held a air of mystique around it. From the full body suit of intricate and beautiful designs to the history with the Yakuza. Hiroyoshi the Third is a student of this passed on tradition, working to preserve the history and bring it further in todays modern world.



It’s not quite the call of ‘When will it end’ ‘How much longer can it go on’ just yet. Instead, Winter is the name of the band that Riley Blakeway just finished up the video for, and it’s a great mid-week jammer.



Palace and Bronze go together like Bangers ‘n Mash. Paramount’s release celebrates the pairing of Palance and Bronze for their collaboration collection. For everyone else, it’s yet another stella skate video out of the Uk, innit.



As part of this years Semi-Permanent showcase in Australia Hayden Cox of Hayden Shapes unveiled his latest exhibition at the Bay 19 Gallery with Jason Woodside. In contrast to his 2014 project with Alexander Wang, the artwork of Jason Woodside is bold and bright with contrasting colours and patterns that create a vibrant and eye capturing piece. Combined with the 9 foot high, hand painted ‘wave’ as the central part of the display and the new HS LoveBuzz shapes adorned with Jason’s artwork the whole exhibit offered a fresh perspective across all mediums.



You know how when you were a kid and all you wanted was a sweet treehouse, one that would let you explore whatever your imagination could conjure up.

Well what if you did that, but not as a ten year old, as an adult. Foster Huntington did just that, with the help of plenty of friends of course. Complete with a skate bowl and an outdoor hot tub, this multi level tree house has all you need to live your life, with the added bonus of being located amongst the beautiful scenery of Skamania, Washington.


The Lost Boys Collective

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