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Lost Boys Collective:

Jul 2015


As the working week makes it’s way towards another weekend, Poler have provided the ultimate in inspiration to awaken your wanderlust and head out into the world. It could be a day trip, a weekend away camping, afternoon to an unexplored location, or in the case of this video a trip to Puerto Rico.



The crew from Bald E-Gal productions seem to have gone with a ‘bigger is better’ underlying theme to their new movie ‘Hooks & Hammers’. Big Mouth Bass, big rails, big roof drops and a big roster. Hooks & Hammers will get you stoked to ride and planning your next fishing trip with your buddies at the same time.



Want to up your back alley food game? Matty Matheson runs you through in this new how-to for Munchies. This isn’t your store brought bbq sauce rib recipe, this is the real deal. So learn how to set off your grill game and pick up some fancy cooking words in the process.



Lurkers. Every city has them and on rare occasions the lurking has the potential to produce solid skate videos. In this case, enough for three. From the east coast to the west coast Lurkers Three is lurking at it’s finest.


Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 8.53.36 am

Pure poetry in motion captured in the final part of the REDirect series. Created by Chris Bryan starring Craig Anderson a blend of technology, performance and artistic prowess from both in front of and behind the lens.


Part one of Fox’s new series featuring Matt Priest is a reminder that style is everything. If you can make the staples look good then you’re set. If you can make the hard things look easy, even better. If it doesn’t even look like your trying, golden. Matt Priest is about to take you to church.



There is definitely only one Scott Stevens and for DOA 2 he’s pulled out all the stops. More mind trickery and and double takes as he uses that Sleepy Stevens magic for all kinds of wizardry.



John Wilson is back with another epic montage of all things skate and New York. Chances are it features someone you like skating a spot you like, and if it doesn’t then maybe you need to broaden your horizons.


The Lost Boys Collective

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