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Lost Boys Collective:

Aug 2015


Chet Childress is in a lot of ways D.I.Y personified. He creates art, clothing, builds skate spots and heads out to all sorts of unusual locations for trips. His journeys through skateboarding have seen him travel the world , most recently working on projects in India and South America, and pretty much anywhere adventure can be had in between. Desillusion Magazine spent five days alongside Chet in his hometown to get a feel for what drives this intrepid skater.



The collective outcome of three months work with riders from brands like Cult, Mutiny, Fiend, Primo, Lotek, Primo and Subrosa, ‘Brighton Ain’t Ready’. A project put on by the people at Seventies Distribution in the UK, it sees some of the biggest names in BMX converge on the city of Brighton each with their own unique take on the area.



These days it’s one of the most used and abused words, “Core” was supposed to mean exactly that. It was the small centre for which the wider culture grew out from. Now it seems to mean anything, just another marketing word. What is “Core”?, A skate trip with street skaters skating anything they come across? That sounds like it, but it’s supported by Nike, so is it core? Either way, ‘Core’ is some really good skating, by really good skaters. You can decide the rest.



The night has long played with our minds and the lives we live. Under the cover of darkness our fears can be heightened, our secrets covered and our sense of mischievousness elevated. A time when passion is explored and when nightmares can become vividly real, a daily representation of the struggles between good and evil.
Craig Anderson dances with his demons one night on the east coast of Australia.



Dakota Roche returns with a banger of a video for the second instalment of Nativeland. The concept to search and utilise the surroundings of your local area and keep everything at home. Even in an area as covered as southern California this just goes to show with the right eye and skill set there is so much more to be explored.



From street walls to bikes, clothing, art galleries, skateboards, cars and even tattooing Mike Giant has put his mark and style to almost everything. Spanning over two decades Mike has been an inspiration to many around the world through his art, philosophies and beliefs. This Creative Lives episode combines a little history lesson as Mike prepares for an upcoming show in SF.



In a country the size of China it makes sense that there would be surf, but it’s not something you hear or see that much about. Be Water My Friend explores the region of Hainan, the heart of China’s emerging surf scene and shines a light on what might be in the near future.


Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 2.38.42 pm

The noise, the constant chitter chatter, the world is at war with our senses everyday. When we can take those small moments to escape we often find ourselves barraged with the noise in our own heads. Mute is a new movie featuring Nate Tyler along with friends Chippa Wilson, Dion…

The Lost Boys Collective

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