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Sep 2015


Cultivate Volume One features the likes of Dakota Roche, Alex Kennedy, Andrew Castaneda, Trey Jones and more. Part of a new series set to roll out over the rest of the year. Cult have long lead the way in mid length web videos and the Cultivate series looks to continue  that legacy.



Well blow me away. If this doesn’t look like the best $9.99 you’ll spend all week we can’t help you. Snowboarder Magazine presents SFD, featuring a host of riders including the likes of Jamie Lynn, Bryan Fox, Jess Kimura, Jake OE, Forrest Bailey and way more. Available on Vimeo On Demand now.



Something we can relate with all to well in New Zealand is surfing in the cold. For more months of the year than we care to admit we’re covered in rubber with awkward shoe things on. There is solace to be had when we see others going through the same. The best part is Chippa makes it look so damn good. Chilly tubes, arctic airs and a breezy open throttle comes as we start to drop the mm and hang up the hoods.



Just when you thought it was safe to step outside with your cookie cutter, bland bullshit. Hockey/Fucking Awesome hit you with the one, two. #AVESOTY



“I put in a snowboard video, Dead Kennedys started playing super fucking loud, there was some dude driving a VW Thing through some dirt parking lot, doing fucking donuts, and then the first shot is of a guy going like a million miles an hour down a hill, he eats shit and rag dolls like 50 times and I’m like “This is the coolest shit I’ve ever seen in my life. It had nothing to do with me understanding it, it just had to do with the fact that I watched it, I had never been snowboarding at that point — I don’t even think I had ever seen snow, but I was like, this is fucking awesome. It was like I want this, you know? Whatever this is. But these days I would not be a kid and watch the Olympics or the WSL and want anything to do with it. I’d watch that shit and I’d be like, “Who the fuck are these nerd commentators with their stupid flower shirts saying a bunch of dumb weird slogans about doing a turn? I just think its been so homogenized and made for the masses that if I was a kid I would think its wack.” – Bryan Fox via What Youth.



Christian Low follows in the footsteps of many New Zealand skateboards and hopped across the pond to Australia in search of more spots, better weather and worse beer. Most of it paid off with Element welcoming him the team from the scorched land. Christian’s skating follows on from the less is more philosophy, good staples executed well with style and speed.



While the constant search for progression is what drives us and certain tricks rise with popularity you can never forget about the basics. Fundamentals done well will always look good. It’s so easy to do too much in an effort to maximise whatever you are trying to achieve. Control, style and an ability to make it look smooth is timeless, add to it the right dash of panache and you’re golden.



Skateboarder/actor/photographer and now you can add Texan to the list. Jason Lee breaks it down with Monster Children as they explore his new hometown of Denton, TX.


The Lost Boys Collective

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