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Oct 2015


What better way to kick off the new season of Epicly Later’d than with a revisit on Kevin ‘Spanky’ Long. We started this episode not long after Kevin got kicked off Baker and Emerica and we filmed an interview every 6 months or so until recently. That’s why his hair…


We all love a montage in movies. A song comes on and you get to bounce through about thirty minutes of plot in three minutes. It’s the pick me up to make sure your dwindling attention span can pay attention to the movie you just spent eighteen dollars to watch.

This montage has no plot, but it is a stack of riding from a wide group of people in a short space of time. And it will hold your attention, and it will make you want to go ride. You might even love   montages a little more afterwards.



Filming videos gets Messy. From the riders getting hurt, thrown out of spots, time constraints etc. Then there is the whole process of logging footage, editing, clearing music. Finally once you’ve gone through that there is the process of getting it out to the masses.

It’s messy but without it the world would be a duller place to exist. Videograss decided to clean house from the last year filming during Videogracias. B roll, unseen, extras, clips from the cutting room floor, dusted, wiped and neatly presented in a new clip for you to enjoy.



The term “Skateboarding saved my life” is heard so often that it’s almost become a cliche. A thrown out line to make some sort of extra statement in a magazine interview or impress some tv news anchor to try and make them care. In the case of skating on the Pine Ridge Reservation the phrase holds a lot more weight.

I recently witnessed this firsthand at the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota — one of the largest and poorest in the US. Eighty to 85 percent of its population is unemployed; alcoholism plagues around 80% of its people; life expectancy rates on the reservations are the lowest in the United States. So yeah, not exactly ideal living conditions or the “American Dream” our government sells the rest of the world.

– Kevin Duffel via The Berrics



Just because what you do might have similar traits to something else is no guarantee that when the two cross paths it’s going to work out. No Breakfast sounds like a bad idea but in this instance it’s good. Not only does it not mean you won’t miss out on a delicious meal time, but it feature the likes of  Dane Reynolds, Stephanie Gilmore, Mikey Wright and more it’s filmed by snowboarder Bryan Fox.



Sometimes things just go together. Take Rev Hed for example, Mikey Wright plus Black Sabbath makes for one hell of a surf video.



It’s back! A Very Skateboard Christmas will once again set out to get as many underprivileged kids as possible skateboards under the tree this Christmas. After it’s first successful year in 2014 we are keen to see this go even further. A Very Skateboard Christmas is about giving underprivileged kids the…

The Lost Boys Collective

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