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The Lost Boys Collective

Lost Boys Collective:

Nov 2015


One month in and the boards are stacking up. We’ve had a great response so far and with six weeks to go it’s going to be another awesome year for a heap of New Zealand kids this Christmas.  Full details below!  It’s back! A Very Skateboard Christmas will once again…


Whilst not typically celebrated here in the southern hemisphere, you don’t have to push too much to convince us that eating good food with friends and family is something to back. So whether you’re on the north side or the south side let Matty Matheson show you a few tricks to be extra thankful this year. Or just wait till Christmas.


Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 11.25.36 am

From 2005 to 2015 Vans Syndicate lead the way in collaborations. From the partnerships, the selection of models, the details the became part of each pack, each project offered something new and exciting. Even the boxes were taken into consideration. For the ten year anniversary, Vans Syndicate organised an evening…


We live in a golden age of content. The fact the last three posts have been free to watch videos all over twenty minutes in length is yet another example of how much good stuff there is available to watch these days. Longer videos help with reversing the instagram attention span and the concept that people only want to watch videos sub 1 minute. Your life isn’t that busy, no ones is, and if you think it is, brush up on your time management and get comfortable. Slow down and enjoy some longer form content.

Broken Circut is about having fun, snowboarding with your friends and travelling. The keys to life.



It’s the future and the only way to surf is by time travel. Everyone speaks a new language and seems to have a penchant for tin foil.

Take a glimpse into a new world with NIX NIC NOOLEY by Toby Cregan, featuring the likes of Creed McTaggart, Duncan Mcnicol, Beau Foster and Thom Pringle.



The wait is over! Boys of Summer is finally out! For the past couple of years Boys Of Summer has existed solely to the outside world as an Instagram hashtag, a few tees and rumours of an upcoming video. The best friend cam video you will ever see, featuring the likes of Alex Olson, AVE, Jerry Hsu, Spanky, Eric Dressen, Jason Dill, Eric Koston, Gino, Andrew Allen, Sage Elsesser, Andrew Reynolds, plus way, way more. If your favourite skater isn’t in this video, you need a new favourite skater.



Filmmaker, photographer, artist, writer, painter, sculptor, surfer, skater, it’s quite the resumé. Thomas Campbell has been putting his touch to all of the above for well over ten years. Approaching each with his own unique view and twist.


The Lost Boys Collective

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