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Lost Boys Collective:

Jan 2016


Blondey McCoy debuts his second art show at the Heni Gallery in London.

For the new show, McCoy has paid heed to the age-old art world formula of “If it ain’t broke, Pritt-Stick some tits to a board and whack it in a frame,” creating more of his signature seedy, energetic and LOL-inducing collaged images that mash up shouty tabloid headlines with 70s pornography, vinyl skateboard stickers, daubs of paint, and more anti-monarchical sentiment than you can shake a stick at.



This time oddly enough we aren’t talking about the eighties boy band. ON video magazine cut up this edit featuring the Fucking Awesome and Hockey ams showcasing the ‘new kids on the block’. Added bonus of an AVE cameo, cause why wouldn’t you.


Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 10.21.42 am

  Noa Deane, Dane Reynolds and Kolohe Andino light up Indonesia in this scorching new video. Stunning visual effects, superb surfing, on point commentary and trophies make for a clip to get the surf loins burning. Fire on the image to see.  


Trying to find your own little spot in the ever more crowded world is becoming increasingly difficult. Sure you can find them, with access to technology making it easier to find all the little nooks and crannies of the globe but it’s very ease means that a lot of people can do the same. So if you want it,  you really have to search. Be sure to make the most of it to, as once you’ve been and documented, chances are they’ll be people there next time.




Having left overs after you make something good is always such a bonus. That second day lunch from the meal you made the night before. The drinks in the fridge from the party you had. Anything really. This time it comes in the form of a four part series from Thirty Two, left over from producing last years epic release ‘2032’. So throw a little salt on those cold roast potatoes and settle in.



Kevin Bradley has one of the nicest styles in skating out right now. That nice balance of looseness and control, of rawness and polish. His part from Nike SB’s Chronicles Three is no exception. From start to the end, especially the end, it’s the goods.



The crew from Tight Blue Jeans sat down with underground icon Mike Giant to talk tattoos, graffiti, art and psychedelic’s. Read the full interview… Can you recall the first time you ever took a psychedelic; what was the experience like for you and does it play a part in your…


Well isn’t this a treat. Manolo’s tapes are back and this time remixing the one and only Jerry Hsu. With a long history and a stack of epic parts this very well could be one of the best mash ups.


The Lost Boys Collective

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