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The Lost Boys Collective

Lost Boys Collective:

Feb 2016


Earlier this year Levis Skateboarding partnered with Monster Children on a project in Christchurch, New Zealand. The city has been through a lot over the last five years since the last major quake that destroyed huge parts of the city. From the devastation a lot of good has come but a lot is left to do. The feature brings you back to those initial moments and stories from local skateboarders since.  (more…)



In science two positives don’t go together. Luckily in life that doesn’t happen to apply. This latest video from Dion Agius and Globe has even more positives. Good surfing, good locations, good filming, a good soundtrack and more. With all those positives it’s best to start watching and stop reading.



Vietnam set the backdrop for the latest Roark Revival trip. The fast paced city of Hanoi leads to the majestic and tranquil waters of Halong Bay. A sensory overload of sights and adventures the crew as they explore this country steeped in history and beauty.



Skin Phillips has made a career from shooting skate photography. These days that doesn’t sound like quite such a big deal, but when you consider that Skin grew up in the small town of Swansea,  Wales and before you could get exposure through endless mediums, he did it.



Skateboarding and music have long gone together. This time it’s in a far more literal sense. Nick Pourfard and his company Prisma Guitars create guitars (as the name would suggest) out of old and broken skateboard decks. A merging of the arts if you will, or the least a sweet guitar.



When you’re a kid there’s always those sweet projects you get to work on in school. The ones that didn’t really feel like school work. The Dill & Beeg project seems like one of those. A year on the road working at surfing, working on surfing, surfing. Just surfing really.


The Lost Boys Collective

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