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Apr 2016


Norfolk Island. All I can say I really knew about the place was that there were pine trees there, it had something to do with Australia and my mum and her friends used to get cheap Lego from there.

Turns out, there is way more to it than that (who would have thought). It’s an island with a colourful past and a lot currently going on for it’s future. It also has from the looks of this trip with Damaged Goods Zine some hella good waves.

We’ll have some more Norfolk coverage coming to from one of the Lost Boys trips to the Pines.



Always got love for a good remix. Especially when it involves Jed Anderson. This little gem is a fresh take on his Videogracias part. Mixed up with a new tune and so many bangers it’s almost like a DJ Khaled track.



Craig Anderson shows you how he surfs with his new fins from Futures. I don’t know if these will make you surf anything like Craig but it can’t hurt for you to try right. I mean, damn, did you watch the video?



One of the best things about getting take out is leftovers. When you open the fridge and spy that left over fried rice that you’ve just gotten over eating from the night before. Heat this shit back up, little hot sauce, good to go!

A lot gets left over in footage, a lot. So what do you do? B-sides, remix’s, extended version etc etc. Nowdays people can take your footage and put it together themselves. So with that in mind. Strobeck Outtakes part one. Not by Strobeck.



With a well earned reputation for throwing his fins into the air, Chippa Wilson switches it up in Duo. Atop a board shaped by Neal Purchase Jr, chips draws clean lines and cuts deep lines into the face on his twin fin. Not your usual Chippa video, but then again what is.



Being a “Meat and Potatoes Guy” has taken on a whole new meaning thanks to Matty Matheson. Learn how to cook the prefect steak and turn the humble potato into the ultimate plate companion.



Whether you like it in your OJ or not, this Pulp is delicious and should be enjoyed multiple times during the week to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Noa Deane and Shane Fletcher with a hell of a brew.

The Lost Boys Collective

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