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The Lost Boys Collective

Lost Boys Collective:

May 2016


One of the standout parts from last years Holy Fit video was Brian Fosters section. Super smooth trail riding in a timeless style paired up to a fitting song, it showed once again that the blue falcon isn’t slowing down.


I have to be honest. There aren’t that many people who I could sit and watch talk about boards for fifteen minutes. Dane Reynolds is an exemption and it’s interesting hearing all the subtleties of shapes discussed by someone who could surf a door better than most of us could boards.


Caution: Salmonella everywhere.

It’s just one of many pieces of safety advice from Matty Matheson as he guides you through another how to, this time for making your squad fried chicken.



How much effort vs how much fun. Little bit of effort, little bit of fun. Lots of effort, lots of fun. It’s all about finding that good ratio. The crew from Remote Wakeskates seem to have found it, and in an upside for you they have been kind enough to release sections from their video Good Ratio. So for you, little effort equals lots of enjoyment. That’s a pretty good ratio to.



Bringing forth an item from history, Rob Pinkney and Sitka created a New Zealand trade axe, or Patiti. Hand crafted in Te Awamutu using traditional methods it’s incredible to see the process take place in the current day.

Read up on the history via the Sitka site.




Listing off the content of a video is kind of a lazy(quick) way of writing a caption. In the case of the below video it’s a bit more relevant in part due to what it has. Skating, yup, rad motorbikes, yup, surfing, yup, beach hangs, yup. All set to a rocknroll soundtrack. So we’re doing you a favour. With all that packed in to under two minutes we’d hate for you to miss out.


Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 5.03.39 pm

Back in April Tyler Warren made his way to our shores thanks to Billabong New Zealand and Damaged Goods Zine. Part surf trip, part art shows, all round good times. It was a great chance to meet in real time and see his work up close. The fruits of the…


Zine’s are unique in the way they can be be quickly produced and consumed, not unlike a lot of other content these days, but because of the tangible printed nature of them, they are also permanent. Amy Hood makes zines, but you could nearly produce one yourself by listing off her other endeavours she partakes in. What Youth caught up with Amy to chat and also produced this short video following her through some print making process.


The Lost Boys Collective

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