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The Lost Boys Collective

Lost Boys Collective:

Nov 2017


Over a three week period in 2016, the crew – which consisted of skaters from both Carhartt WIP and Russian brand Absurd Skateboards – journeyed over 6000 km, exploring the vibrant cities, vast countryside and burgeoning skate scenes of the world’s largest country.


What, Where, and Who (what was the trip about, where did you go, how long, and who was on it)?

Dominik: i was riding my home resort absolutpark at the end of january when my good buddy Wojtek Pawlusiak hit me up and told me about this amazing city in Czech Republic called Liberec that got a massive amount of snow . He asked if i wanted to put a crew together and join him so i figured i just hit up the homies and make this trip happen !
The Crew was Simon Gschaider, Marc Swoboda, Wojtek Pawlusiak, Alex Pfeffer and myself. we staid there for a little over a week and got a surprise visit from our good friend Gido Gföllner !

Alex: Rohrbacher was there too

Has anyone ever gone here to snowboard before?



Joe G and the crew from Globe come through with an exploration of the sunburnt continent of Australia. Featuring the likes of Noa Deane, Dion Agius, Taj Burrow and more.


New from Palace ‘Palasonic’. There really is a different feel and style from the videos out of the UK and it’s even better with a team like Palace’s calibre. You can still watch it on the Sony bruv.


New flick from Noa Deane ‘Candle’. It’s been a little bit since the last one but this delivers in spades the way that all Noa’s vids do.

The Lost Boys Collective

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