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It’s hard to go past Indonesia for a strike mission in the middle of the liturgical year. We scoured the archipelago from the comfort of our office chairs in search of a wave that compliments Steph’s particular set of skills. Steph was after “cute slabs” – the definition of which you’ll discover in due course—and while we weren’t blessed with days of waves, the one day of money was well worth the wait, and near-death experience of the boat ride back to base. Here’s two days on a leaky boat through the rose-tinted specs of the eternally peppy, Miss Stephanie Gilmore. – Monster Children



Just because what you do might have similar traits to something else is no guarantee that when the two cross paths it’s going to work out. No Breakfast sounds like a bad idea but in this instance it’s good. Not only does it not mean you won’t miss out on a delicious meal time, but it feature the likes of  Dane Reynolds, Stephanie Gilmore, Mikey Wright and more it’s filmed by snowboarder Bryan Fox.



So you made a list at the start of the year, and on that list quite likely was travelling. But where to go? There’s so many wonderful places in the world and always a shortage of time or money, or both. You can’t trust some guy from the paper and if you see one more travel show like getaway you might end up travelling to jail. So what do you do? You watch ‘Keep It Canada’, you get to see what $4000 worth of caviar looks like, a golf tutorial from Happy Gilmore’s instructor and where to go with your mum for lunch. On top of this you get to see some beautiful New Brunswick scenery and a couple of life lesson. He’s Matty Matheson and this is Keep It Canada!


On the cusp of a possible sixth, yes sixth world title Morgan Maassen follows Stephanie Gilmore through the France this past October. It’s always a pleasure to watch Stephanie outside of the event format, so once your done here, be sure to refresh on some more recent gems.


September seventeenth will forever be know as the day Team Average Sri Lanka dropped, and rightly so. Putting together a ‘team’ of skaters and surfers comprising of Craig Anderson, Dion Agius, Dylan Rieder, Andrew Allen and Steph Gilmore alongside filmer Mike Piscitelli they get lost in the exotic location of Sri Lanka. Today marks the release of the trailer and an online accompanying article, but the real gem is a full length video on September 17th to coincide with the print article in Monster Children Volume 44. It might even earn a day off.


Fresh off her RoxyPRO win Stephanie Gilmore unleashes her artistic side on one of the most famous waves in the world, Trestles. All shot in black in white and showcasing Stephanie’s unique style it’s a refreshing watch after last weeks telecasts.

The Lost Boys Collective

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