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‘If The Shoe Fits’ offers an insight into the Los Angeles Chicano lifestyle and influence around the world from one of the most respected artists to come out of the city, Mr Cartoon. WATCH


Autre Magazine sits down with artist and Fuct founder Erik Brunetti to talk about his new book ‘Astral America’.


“Mackenzie’s walk home is an ode to the small ways in which we break away from the monotony of everyday life” – Jesse Heath


  Disposable cameras don’t get the credit they deserve. It’s highly likely that some of your favourite photos were probably taken on that temperamental piece of plastic you use once and chuck in the bin. Which is why Finger Blur sounded like our kind of exhibition. 14 disposables were sent…


​In the late 80s and early 90s skateboarding was heavily indebted to thrash metal. Decks and merch were covered in skulls and bleeding eye sockets, Suicidal Tendencies had released “Possessed To Skate”, and Venom blasted on the 1984 Let it Bleed video. It was skate rock or die. In Sydney, Shawn Yates and his…


Bringing forth an item from history, Rob Pinkney and Sitka created a New Zealand trade axe, or Patiti. Hand crafted in Te Awamutu using traditional methods it’s incredible to see the process take place in the current day.

Read up on the history via the Sitka site.


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Back in April Tyler Warren made his way to our shores thanks to Billabong New Zealand and Damaged Goods Zine. Part surf trip, part art shows, all round good times. It was a great chance to meet in real time and see his work up close. The fruits of the…

The Lost Boys Collective

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