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Zine’s are unique in the way they can be be quickly produced and consumed, not unlike a lot of other content these days, but because of the tangible printed nature of them, they are also permanent. Amy Hood makes zines, but you could nearly produce one yourself by listing off her other endeavours she partakes in. What Youth caught up with Amy to chat and also produced this short video following her through some print making process.



The Table Talk series continues with legendary skateboarder Chad Muska. Easily one of the most influential skaters of the late nineties Chad’s style, personality and the surrounding energy brought new tricks, outfits, styles and places to take your ghetto blasters. Now having been involved for the past few years developing his art the two worlds are beginning to merge.



Skin Phillips has made a career from shooting skate photography. These days that doesn’t sound like quite such a big deal, but when you consider that Skin grew up in the small town of Swansea,  Wales and before you could get exposure through endless mediums, he did it.



Skateboarding and music have long gone together. This time it’s in a far more literal sense. Nick Pourfard and his company Prisma Guitars create guitars (as the name would suggest) out of old and broken skateboard decks. A merging of the arts if you will, or the least a sweet guitar.



Blondey McCoy debuts his second art show at the Heni Gallery in London.

For the new show, McCoy has paid heed to the age-old art world formula of “If it ain’t broke, Pritt-Stick some tits to a board and whack it in a frame,” creating more of his signature seedy, energetic and LOL-inducing collaged images that mash up shouty tabloid headlines with 70s pornography, vinyl skateboard stickers, daubs of paint, and more anti-monarchical sentiment than you can shake a stick at.



The crew from Tight Blue Jeans sat down with underground icon Mike Giant to talk tattoos, graffiti, art and psychedelic’s. Read the full interview… Can you recall the first time you ever took a psychedelic; what was the experience like for you and does it play a part in your…


We look forward to another year of chasing whatever it is that excites, exhilarates and captures our imaginations, as we continue finding our feet on this shaky little rock in the universe.

What Youth round up the year that was 2015 with a collection of clips from all that was done and seen for a nostalgic look back or a motivational look forward. It’s a new year, you chose.


TOP 2015 LBC

Narrowing down a top five from a years worth of videos can be quite the challenge. For 2015 we were blessed with a few standouts to make it that much easier. So without further ado, the Lost Boys 2015 Top 5.

The Lost Boys Collective

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