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Mark Choiniere takes good photos. That’s all you really need to know, oh and he puts them up on his website Crude Behaviour which is also good, because it has lots of his photos. If you are the kind of person who needs a little more, well here’s a few…

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Andy White has  re-launched the much loved Fyxomatosis as the all new www.fyxo.co There are a host of other new and exciting features, a web shop, content pages, it’s best for you to go take a wander through yourself. Nice to see it back online!


Rapha Continental take you inside the workspace of Mercian Cycles to share stories behind the beautiful hand-crafted steel frames and share some insight to their upcoming project.


Join surfer Dan Malloy, Kanoa Zimmerman and Kellen Keene as they take a journey down the californian coast line. The premise to the trip to explore at a slower pace all that their backyward of California has to offer.

After being on the road for a good part of the last 15 years, I have a lot of catching up to do at home. The truth is, for about ten of those years I didn’t  think twice about California, never felt home sick or that I was missing a thing. Well, that time has passed. I am not sure if I’m just getting older or whether I’ve figured out that there are a 100 lifetimes worth of adventure here at home. – Dan Malloy

The trip has resulted in a book being published along with a short clip to be released soon. If you’re keen to get a play by play of the trip along with amazing photos you can check it out HERE.


Riding in the city, and the encounters you have whilst searching for spots and cruising around, is something unique. You get to see and experience sides of the city that few else do. I can’t count the amount of hours I’ve spent rolling around buildings, through buildings, down alleyways, bridges, tunnels, car parks – places many people just pass on by. Then there are all the people you run into; from workers and shoppers, to the more colourful in the wee hours of the morning. Dealing with these characters,  as well as with security and with cops, it all adds to the fun and the excitement and provides you with an ever changing landscape to explore.  FocalpointBMX gives you an insight into this world in their new mixtape series entitled “Into the City” which is focused around their hometown Melbourne.


Hot off the heels of the release of their full length “Get Used To It” production a bunch of the Subrosa team headed to Atlanta. The crew consisted of Lahsaan Kobza, Joris Coulomb, Simone Barraco, Kyle Hart, Scott Ditchburn, Nick Bullen, Hoang Tran, Kyle Hart and if I heard correctly over the sound of the Profile Elite hub, Mark Mulville. Solid mix of street, trails and some search and destroy missions inside abandoned buildings makes thirteen minutes of good times bmx.


We’re big fans of the work the people at Brixton Apparel do, and this stellar new video look book is another reason why. This is the Northern Hemisphere’s Fall collection which for New Zealand suits the climate about nine months of the year. You can see the full offering on Brixton and pick up something locally through White Box Boutique.

The Lost Boys Collective

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