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It’s back! A Very Skateboard Christmas will once again set out to get as many underprivileged kids as possible skateboards under the tree this Christmas. After it’s first successful year in 2014 we are keen to see this go even further. A Very Skateboard Christmas is about giving underprivileged kids the…


Cultivate Volume One features the likes of Dakota Roche, Alex Kennedy, Andrew Castaneda, Trey Jones and more. Part of a new series set to roll out over the rest of the year. Cult have long lead the way in mid length web videos and the Cultivate series looks to continue  that legacy.



One of the stand out sections for the 2014 Fit Bike Co release ‘Holy FIT’ Tom Dugan set new limits. Fast, smooth, pegless riding across park and street. The mix of huge air and technical lines made for one hell of a video part.



There has always been a strained relationship with “sports” associated with the X-Games. None more so than with BMX. From what seems to be a constantly changing mix of events to the TV ratings driven push towards things like Mega Ramp. The balance of positives between a wider exposure giving an increase to the amount of people who might get into BMX versus the mis-representation of what BMX is really about in order to help the NAVY recruit more from middle America.



The collective outcome of three months work with riders from brands like Cult, Mutiny, Fiend, Primo, Lotek, Primo and Subrosa, ‘Brighton Ain’t Ready’. A project put on by the people at Seventies Distribution in the UK, it sees some of the biggest names in BMX converge on the city of Brighton each with their own unique take on the area.



Dakota Roche returns with a banger of a video for the second instalment of Nativeland. The concept to search and utilise the surroundings of your local area and keep everything at home. Even in an area as covered as southern California this just goes to show with the right eye and skill set there is so much more to be explored.



It’s always interesting to see a fresh take on well sessioned spots, whether it’s a new pair of eyes or, in this case, a different riding style. Ben Lewis, best known for his tech street riding and multiple peg set up, serves as a guide to Mutiny riders Matt Roe and Robbo, taking them throughout Liverpool to the city’s often unique spots. Sans pegs and with a brake attached, it casts a new light on some familiar places.


The Lost Boys Collective

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