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Part one of Fox’s new series featuring Matt Priest is a reminder that style is everything. If you can make the staples look good then you’re set. If you can make the hard things look easy, even better. If it doesn’t even look like your trying, golden. Matt Priest is about to take you to church.



Las Vegas is a gambling town, where you can go to put it all on the line in all manner of ways. So come out winners, most come out losers. Subrosa decided it was the perfect location for their annual team meeting. Pretty sure it was due to the large amount of spots, dry desert climate and ability to ride at all hours. Yeah that was it.


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At forty years old Brian Foster is out riding bmx the same as ever. With a section in last years FIT Bike Co release ‘Holy FIT’ along with signature parts and bikes there is no sign of Brian slowing down and when you hear the stories from a young kid…


With an ever growing international reputation for shutting down spots Jono Hopping’s latest video for Subrosa Brand is titled ‘Pressure’. Filmed mostly in his home New Zealand and with a little from Australia this serves as a taste for the release of more and more overseas work from Jono. Going to be a big few months!



Long gong are the days when a simple photo is enough to promote a new product. Photo’s will always have their place and and certain mediums but the era of videos have well and truly taken over. At nearly three minutes long Simone Barraco’s ‘promo’ for the the release of his third signature frame is basically a solo section, a solo section with an ad at the end. Which when you think about it, and along with all the other types of these videos is a pretty heavy position to be in. We are grateful though. So thanks Simone, for blessing us with your technical wizardry and showing why this is the third but certainly not the last.



Three years in the making, ‘What Could Go Wrong’ is the epic new full length video dropping in August from The Shadow Conspiracy.

What could go wrong? A question every rider asks themselves before trying something new. Sometimes the answer is good and sometimes, it’s bad. You might find yourself rolling away from a set of stairs smiling ear to ear, or you may find yourself at the bottom of that same set bloody and beaten. There’s never a definite answer. Whatever happens, in the end, it’s really about how you got there.



Sometimes two things are better than one, which is the case in this video. Chase Hawk flowing around skateparks is good, doing it alongside Tom Dugan is better. In what is definitely in the running for web video title of the year, ‘Texting Is My Cardio’ features the aforementioned people riders cruising spots around Austin. Enjoy!



In memory of Randy Taylor who passed just a couple years back, Walter Pieringer put together this incredible montage of Randy’s clips along with some words to go with. To coincide with this release Mutiny Bikes have re-issued Randy’s signature parts with all profits going to a suicide charity.


The Lost Boys Collective

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