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This video definitely has an air of “infomercial” about it, but it’s well worth a watch, especially if you like hot sauce. From the history of the Tabasco brand, to some of the zany items they sell in the store to Matty’s southern style family meal. Your bound to take home something, other than the desire to buy some Tabasco at your local supermarket.


​In the late 80s and early 90s skateboarding was heavily indebted to thrash metal. Decks and merch were covered in skulls and bleeding eye sockets, Suicidal Tendencies had released “Possessed To Skate”, and Venom blasted on the 1984 Let it Bleed video. It was skate rock or die. In Sydney, Shawn Yates and his…


It’s back! A Very Skateboard Christmas will once again set out to get as many underprivileged kids as possible skateboards under the tree this Christmas. Now entering our third year we are excited to make this the best year yet!! Find out more. 


We wanted to make a playlist based on the mid 2000’s emo/screamo/post-hardcore music, whatever you choose to classify it as. So we did, and here it is. 


Traveling by floatplane to the remote wilderness of Kodiak, Alaska, we tracked one of the islands most infamous inhabitants, the Kodiak brown bear, with bear biologists Wesley Larson and Nils Pedersen.

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 4.13.54 pm

This past week definitely saw a flick of the switch to Winter in the southern hemisphere. Adidas took a crew consisting of Chippa Wilson, Keegan Valaika, Jake Blauvelt and Louif Paradis to Norway and Sweden. What Youth covered the trip and you can think of it like a little inspiration…


Bringing forth an item from history, Rob Pinkney and Sitka created a New Zealand trade axe, or Patiti. Hand crafted in Te Awamutu using traditional methods it’s incredible to see the process take place in the current day.

Read up on the history via the Sitka site.


The Lost Boys Collective

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