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One of our favourite Chef’s with his unique approach to life and his style of cooking. Francis Mallmann is the meat-smoking nomadic chef who quotes poetry, once built a barbecue for a thousand people, and has cooked for David Beckham and the King of Spain. Now the incendiary Argentinian invites…


One of the best pieces around food, friends, family and experiences.

In The Mind of A Chef Potluck Music Special, we take a deep dive into the intersection between food and music. World-class chefs Danny Bowien, Iñaki Aizpitarte, April Bloomfield, Sean Brock and Anthony Bourdain get together and recount their fondest musical memories and how it has impacted their most-celebrated cooking prowess.  – Mind Of A Chef


This video definitely has an air of “infomercial” about it, but it’s well worth a watch, especially if you like hot sauce. From the history of the Tabasco brand, to some of the zany items they sell in the store to Matty’s southern style family meal. Your bound to take home something, other than the desire to buy some Tabasco at your local supermarket.


Caution: Salmonella everywhere.

It’s just one of many pieces of safety advice from Matty Matheson as he guides you through another how to, this time for making your squad fried chicken.



Being a “Meat and Potatoes Guy” has taken on a whole new meaning thanks to Matty Matheson. Learn how to cook the prefect steak and turn the humble potato into the ultimate plate companion.



Punk rock, incredible food and a story of doing things your way. Danny Bowien hits the road with the Mission Chinese cookbook tour. A great read for the tales as well as the recipes.


Whilst not typically celebrated here in the southern hemisphere, you don’t have to push too much to convince us that eating good food with friends and family is something to back. So whether you’re on the north side or the south side let Matty Matheson show you a few tricks to be extra thankful this year. Or just wait till Christmas.


The Lost Boys Collective

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