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It’s been a little while since we’ve been blessed with a part from Austyn Gillette. Fast, smooth skating and incredible pop always make for good watching and is a style that will be forever timeless. This week saw the drop of his first signature for HUF and as is becoming…

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It’s been 20 years since Larry Clark released his first movie ‘KIDS’, the now Iconic cult movie on the lives of teenagers in New York. A first of it’s kind movie, shot in a documentary-esque style captivated teens around the world with it’s relatable characters and  rawness. The cast was a…


At the age of seventeen Sean Pablo has already established himself in the current world of skateboarding. With a ‘section’ in last years Cherry video and part of the recently launched Fucking Awesome team he has since gone on to launch a clothing line ‘PARADISE’ and a ‘zine called “Teenage…


It’s been one year on since Supreme released their first full length skate video “Cherry”. Arguably the best video in recent years and with a definite nod to the videos of the nineties but an up to date way. Vice’s Chris Nieratko interviewed William Strobeck on the anniversary to hear…


The Adventure Handbook have a really good interview with Jeff Vallee, who along with Heath Kirchart set off on all sorts of adventures and document them along the way for their project ‘We’re Really Doing It’. Take a read through HERE. All photos via The Adventure Handbook site.


So you made a list at the start of the year, and on that list quite likely was travelling. But where to go? There’s so many wonderful places in the world and always a shortage of time or money, or both. You can’t trust some guy from the paper and if you see one more travel show like getaway you might end up travelling to jail. So what do you do? You watch ‘Keep It Canada’, you get to see what $4000 worth of caviar looks like, a golf tutorial from Happy Gilmore’s instructor and where to go with your mum for lunch. On top of this you get to see some beautiful New Brunswick scenery and a couple of life lesson. He’s Matty Matheson and this is Keep It Canada!

July 2013 (9 of 16)

  Twenty fourteen has been great year for us and we hope for you. We had a lot of fun putting together Lost Boys Radio mixes, taking photo’s, helping with charity projects and of course bringing you all sorts of content from around the world. Next year we hope to…

The Lost Boys Collective

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