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Matty 3

There aren’t too many people in the world who can say their ‘How-To’ video for making a cheeseburger has over a million views on Youtube. But then again, not everyone is Matty Matheson. Last year Matty burst into our lounges with his hilarious and delicious take on an American classic. He followed this up with the launch of his…


It’s not quite the call of ‘When will it end’ ‘How much longer can it go on’ just yet. Instead, Winter is the name of the band that Riley Blakeway just finished up the video for, and it’s a great mid-week jammer.


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On The Road is our new series inspired by, well, the road. From the tiny towns to the big cities. Trying to find something to eat in Whanganui at 9pm or the first time you use the midnight petrol stations at Fox Glacier. It’s spending time in the car with your…


Tim Armstrong narrates the journey from New York to South Korea covering the influence of Hardcore music. From it’s birth in the Lower East Side of New York, Noisey’s new series ‘Under the Influence’ examines the people and bands behind birth of a new genre and what became a way of life and mentality for people across the globe. Featuring the likes of Cro-Mags, Agnostic Front, Gorilla Biscuts, Title Fight, Trash Talk and South Korea’s The Geeks.



Wayne’s World, the meaning of a normal life, and the often complex balance between our social lives and the comfort of solitude. Andrew Doheny opens his head for you to take a look inside the mind of this Newport Beach local.

July 2013 (9 of 16)

  Twenty fourteen has been great year for us and we hope for you. We had a lot of fun putting together Lost Boys Radio mixes, taking photo’s, helping with charity projects and of course bringing you all sorts of content from around the world. Next year we hope to…


The final videos is this years wrap up. The second part of this list is a very mixed bag, from an artists series to cheesy burgers there was something out there for everyone this year. By request we are throwing in an extra video to the top ten. So kick…


This year we have decide to list up our top ten videos released since January One. From the initial drafts it became apparent that this wasn’t going to be an easy task. Was it keyhole surgery, no, but there was an exceptional amount of high quality videos put out so…

The Lost Boys Collective

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