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In a case of life imitating art Bronze 56k brings you the official word on the release of their new collaboration with HUF Footwear.

Luckily for you there is this sweet little clip to accompany the shoe launch ’cause if you don’t have the shoes in your possession while you’re reading this. You’re too late.



From skateboarding to bespoke furniture, Vancouver Urban Timberworks is a company run by Eric Savics and Danny Hagge. Using wood that they selvage throughout neighbourhoods they have been able to create beautiful one off pieces of furniture. All timber processes are handled in house from milling the raw logs to cnc machining and done to minimise waste and make the business as environmentally friendly as possible.



Long gong are the days when a simple photo is enough to promote a new product. Photo’s will always have their place and and certain mediums but the era of videos have well and truly taken over. At nearly three minutes long Simone Barraco’s ‘promo’ for the the release of his third signature frame is basically a solo section, a solo section with an ad at the end. Which when you think about it, and along with all the other types of these videos is a pretty heavy position to be in. We are grateful though. So thanks Simone, for blessing us with your technical wizardry and showing why this is the third but certainly not the last.



Palace and Bronze go together like Bangers ‘n Mash. Paramount’s release celebrates the pairing of Palance and Bronze for their collaboration collection. For everyone else, it’s yet another stella skate video out of the Uk, innit.



In a few short years Saint Archer Brewing has achieved the type of success that most companies dream about. A collective of owners made up of some of the worlds top skaters, surfers and snowboarders Saint Archer was the first foray into beer for everyone involved. The Path Unseen documents the story of how the brand came about to where they are now.



It’s here, the wait is over. Van’s ‘Propeller’ is now available world wide via iTunes. If you were lucky enough to catch it at a premier, you need to see it again. If you have been holding out, it’s well worth the wait. From Alva, to AVE, Hosoi, TNT, Crockett…

The Lost Boys Collective

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