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Stance always comes through with a rad video to showcase their new collection and this is no exception. Looks like there are loads of good collaborations and an expanded girls line in the upcoming season. Stance is becoming more widely available in this neck of the woods so keep an eye out.


We are big fans of Matt Hensley here at Lost Boys from his skating to his accordion playing in the band ‘Flogging Molly’, so this clip from Black Label is a real treat. Fitting too, for the start of spring time with the soundtrack in the way of Sunnyside of the Street by The Pogues.


We’re big fans of the work the people at Brixton Apparel do, and this stellar new video look book is another reason why. This is the Northern Hemisphere’s Fall collection which for New Zealand suits the climate about nine months of the year. You can see the full offering on Brixton and pick up something locally through White Box Boutique.


Stance  have done more with socks, a part of your wardrobe you probably paid little attention to beforehand, than most companies do with a full product range. Each season Stance present a new clip filled with Punks and Poets living life whilst rocking the best looking foot apparel in the market.


I like when companies take the time to make a visual experience when they are releasing a new product or project equal (sometimes better) to that which they are releasing. Monster Children and HUF have teamed up to make a jazzy new hat, this is the video that they have produced to coincide. SF skating at its rawest, hat making at its finest.



Sometimes the internet can be an overwhelming place where it feels like pages upon pages of the same thing, endlessly repeating, that you have to trudge through.  But once in a while something special sticks out, like the video below by Historia Films about Melbourne based jewellery label Windfall. So be inspired, dream big, live big.


The Lost Boys Collective

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