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This past week definitely saw a flick of the switch to Winter in the southern hemisphere. Adidas took a crew consisting of Chippa Wilson, Keegan Valaika, Jake Blauvelt and Louif Paradis to Norway and Sweden. What Youth covered the trip and you can think of it like a little inspiration…


I have to be honest. There aren’t that many people who I could sit and watch talk about boards for fifteen minutes. Dane Reynolds is an exemption and it’s interesting hearing all the subtleties of shapes discussed by someone who could surf a door better than most of us could boards.



Listing off the content of a video is kind of a lazy(quick) way of writing a caption. In the case of the below video it’s a bit more relevant in part due to what it has. Skating, yup, rad motorbikes, yup, surfing, yup, beach hangs, yup. All set to a rocknroll soundtrack. So we’re doing you a favour. With all that packed in to under two minutes we’d hate for you to miss out.


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Back in April Tyler Warren made his way to our shores thanks to Billabong New Zealand and Damaged Goods Zine. Part surf trip, part art shows, all round good times. It was a great chance to meet in real time and see his work up close. The fruits of the…


Well isn’t this just about the perfect match up. Chippa Wilson has made a move to the Brixton Union family. With a lifestyle involving surfing, old trucks, motorbikes and a little farm handiwork this seems like the perfect pairing. Either way, let’s hope the clips just keep coming.



Norfolk Island. All I can say I really knew about the place was that there were pine trees there, it had something to do with Australia and my mum and her friends used to get cheap Lego from there.

Turns out, there is way more to it than that (who would have thought). It’s an island with a colourful past and a lot currently going on for it’s future. It also has from the looks of this trip with Damaged Goods Zine some hella good waves.

We’ll have some more Norfolk coverage coming to from one of the Lost Boys trips to the Pines.



Craig Anderson shows you how he surfs with his new fins from Futures. I don’t know if these will make you surf anything like Craig but it can’t hurt for you to try right. I mean, damn, did you watch the video?


The Lost Boys Collective

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