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In the summer of 2015, filmmakers Aimee Savard and Chase Bartee packed up their belongings, moved into their 1985 Volkswagen Westfalia, and left their home in Massachusetts. The goal? To make their way to Montana, and spend as much time as humanly possible exploring, fly fishing, and documenting their travels. Living in an eighty square foot van would pose its challenges. But the lessons learned and experiences gained over the next three and a half months would set events into motion that would change their lives forever.


Take a Stab in the Dark. 13 surfboard shapers and one surfer to decide the winner. This year Dane Reynolds was the surfer chosen and took to the waters of South Africa to decide who came out on top. Click through to see the full feature.      


“You only tell the truth in the dark” is an inspirational short movie directed by Sebastien Zanella – Desillusion Magazine – illustrating a vision of surfing rarely seen, an ode to solitude, introspection and waves pursuit, miles away from the usual « sea, sex & surf » clichés.

With just a van, a few boards and a camera, William Aliotti and Sebastian Zanella embarked on a 3000km solo surf exploration road trip along the Chilean coastline, travelling across the dusty Atacama desert, ghost towns and fishermen villages from Santiago all the way to Arica.” – Sebastian Zanella, Desillusion Mag


Traveling by floatplane to the remote wilderness of Kodiak, Alaska, we tracked one of the islands most infamous inhabitants, the Kodiak brown bear, with bear biologists Wesley Larson and Nils Pedersen.


They say change is a good as a holiday. So I guess this means Luke Davis is enjoying a bit of vacation time courtesy of RVCA. As is the norm these days we get a little reminder of just why he got picked up with this sweet gem of a clip.


Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 4.13.54 pm

This past week definitely saw a flick of the switch to Winter in the southern hemisphere. Adidas took a crew consisting of Chippa Wilson, Keegan Valaika, Jake Blauvelt and Louif Paradis to Norway and Sweden. What Youth covered the trip and you can think of it like a little inspiration…

The Lost Boys Collective

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