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There aren’t too many people in the world who can say their ‘How-To’ video for making a cheeseburger has over a million views on Youtube. But then again, not everyone is Matty Matheson.

Last year Matty burst into our lounges with his hilarious and delicious take on an American classic. He followed this up with the launch of his new series ‘Keep It Canada’, a part-travel, part-food and all-round entertaining show on Munchies TV.

With a life that has involved touring with bands, setting up his own restaurants, catering companies, chef symposiums, as well as being the star of hit youtube shows, and Matty’s ability to make anything a good time, we thought it might be cool to have a chat.

So without further ado, we present Chef Matty Matheson. Enjoy.

Matty 5

LOST BOYS: Mario Batali & Bobby Flay enter the Octagon, who’s getting pounded into schnitzel?

Matty Matheson: Mario would win for sure. Bobby is a punk ass

What would you death row last supper be?

Prime rib, perfect mashed potatoes, broccoli and mornay sauce, lobster tails, lobster claws, shrimp cocktail, and mint chocolate chip ice cream and fresh chocolate chip cookies and milk

Top three condiments?

Frenches mustard, dukes mayo, mustard pickles

Is there anyone you would be intimidated cooking for?

At home no. At the restaurant yes. Ive cooked for many amazing chefs in my life and its always intimidating but you just cook your food and youll be fine. Id shit my pants if i cooked for paul boucose, daniel boulud, anthony bourdain, fergus henderson, theres a million. Whenever you cook for the big boys you always shit a little.

Matty 2


What’s your take on social media in the food industry?

Its great and the worst. Everyone just steals plates now. And every cook is some fucking hot shot thats the best line cook in the world. I hate when people comment or critique my food i make at home and post. Im like who the fuck is @chefsoignefuckwad with 64 followers and works at a fuxking cafeteria is trying to comment on my caci e pepe i just made for my wife. And could even chives to save his family ya know…. Fucking trolls.

Also i find everyone is a chef now. Chef is not a phd its a job title if you dont run a restaurant you aint a chef.

You’ve wrapped up with ‘Keep It Canada’ on Munchies, what’s next?

Im shooting season 2 now actually. 8 episodes of pure fire coming in october! This season is fucking lit

Stand out moment from the series?

Slaughtering the lamb was my first kill. It will be with me forever.



Where in the world would you most like to do a ‘Keep It … ‘ series?

Id love to hit China, Japan, Patagonia, Egypt, Viet Nam, New Zealand, Tasmania, Australia, South Africa, Africa , the whole fucking world

You tried out a lot of new activities during the show, any of them stick? Rodeo? Salmon Fishing?

I love fishing just caught my first 30lbs catfish.

How’s the new dirt bike?

Hahahahhah love my klr650 that thing is a tank. Braaaaaap

Matty 3

When are you getting your Hambone portrait tattoo?

Never fuck that dude! Hahahha my wife wont let me. He has mine obvs you know that. But his finance and my wife are partners in their new store loversland. She has to look at my broke ass face every time she give him a blowjob! Hahahhahaha

What are you listening to at the moment?

Im all over the place for hardcore- fury, shit, angel dust, gods hate, disgrace, rotting out, and everything else Chelsea wolfe a lot, jennifer castle, basement, vic mensa, antwon, skepta, new boosie album is fire, drake a lot, we co 6 gods LOLZ im all over

We know you’re into street wear and sneakers, anyone doing anything that you are hyped on in particular? Shouts to street x, doomsday, crawling death, my day 1s are wellfed, fuct, born raised, huf, those dudes have fucked with me heavy

Any projects yourself?

Im working on some clothing shit as well. Its gonna fucking body everyone

Lastly, where did you get those Salt N Pepper shakers from?!

They from Amsterdam. We used to use them at my old spot oddfellows.

Catch up on all things Matty Matheson and stay tuned for Season Two of ‘Keep It Canada’ coming in October to Munchies TV.

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