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This year we have decide to list up our top ten videos released since January One. From the initial drafts it became apparent that this wasn’t going to be an easy task. Was it keyhole surgery, no, but there was an exceptional amount of high quality videos put out so spare us a little sympathy. What constitutes a good video? the quality of production? the soundtrack? sheer length? the feeling it gives you from watching it? Some videos hit all of those but even then it’s just a matter of opinion. So here is the first five in no particular order. This is part one, part two will be released next week. Hit us up on Facebook if you want to weigh in.

DIG NORTHWEST – http://lostboys.co.nz/northwest/

YEAH DUDE –  http://lostboys.co.nz/yeah-dude/

Waves Spread


CRAZY LOCO – http://lostboys.co.nz/crazy-loco/

TOM FUGLE – http://lostboys.co.nz/tom-fugle/

DESTINATION UNKOWN – http://lostboys.co.nz/destination-unknown/

So there you have it. Our first five picks. Next week, the final five.

The Lost Boys Collective

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