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The Lost Boys Collective

It’s been one year on since Supreme released their first full length skate video “Cherry”. Arguably the best video in recent years and with a definite nod to the videos of the nineties but an up to date way. Vice’s Chris Nieratko interviewed William Strobeck on the anniversary to hear his thoughts on creating skate videos.


But just as skateboarding grew and progressed at the turn of the century, so did the way in which it was documented. VX cameras were replaced with the highest possible definition, and filmers were using dollies and jibs and all sorts of Hollywood gadgets and gizmos to unnecessarily dress up an art form that is naturally beautiful. Picture Kate Moss caked in makeup, if you will. We were, and still are, in the era of the big-budget skate video, where production crews outnumber skaters and spots are referred to as “sets.”






The Lost Boys Collective

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